Christmas Recipe Book

If you don’t want to read the long description, you can buy the Christmas recipe book from here. Refer a friend and get 20% off when they buy. Refer 5 friends and you get the book for free!

Here is a quick preview of some of the pages in the book.

Why this book?

One of my dreams and goals is to write a book. To write several books. To make a living out of it. When I first set the goal, I dreamt of writing fiction. I still write fiction. But it’s a slow process. As I am also a nutritionist and a food lover, I decided on one fine October day to write a recipe book about Christmas foods. I made a big plan, intending to include 50 recipes. I ended up with 23 recipes because it was very time-consuming. I can’t believe how much of myself I put into this book!

The Painful Process

I started cooking and writing down the recipes in October. Each recipe required quite a lot of work. First, I had a general idea what I wanted to make. Then, I went to the kitchen and began with the creative process. I measured everything and wrote the amounts down. I made the thing, took a photo with my phone (surely, the next edition will have better pictures!) because this was the only thing I had (I was abroad for 3 months). At the computer, I typed it all in. I included the instructions, a short intro and an explanation of why a certain food is good for you (i.e. its health benefits). I even inserted all the ingredients and their amounts into a calorie calculator to get the estimated calorie breakdown.

Once I had multiple word files with titles like ‘Salads’ and ‘Breads’, I finally opened and started the designing process. Lots of sweat and hours went into this. It’s all hand-made. I do like all the stock photos and other elements that they offer, but I am not sure whether I would like do it there again. It is a bit clumsy! Anyway, the end result was a pretty PDF with 64 pages. What a beauty! Then, the worst happened. I wanted to sell my ebook on Amazon but when I had uploaded it, it turned out that PDF is not the best file format. The conversion into an ebook format made it look like a disaster…

So, here I am with Payhip, a site that actually allowed me to upload my beautiful PDF. The site also offers a nice referral system. If you refer the book to 1 friend (and they buy it), you get 20% off. Refer to 5 friends and the book is free for you!