Day 186: Big Room Magic

Dance has become very important in my life. Even more important than running. But this is fine because the running season will kind of with this week anyway (3 days of Saaremaa ahead). I am not only attending burlesque classes, I also go to Urban Contemporary classes at Tantsugeen twice a week. And… I started a dance therapy course that will last until April. I am also doing a lot of improvisation on my own. The truth is, I love impro! And this is what I wanted to touch upon today as well.

Yesterday, we did some impro in the contemporary class. I have to admit there’s some kind of magic in it when you improvise among a group of people and in a room that is bigger than your living room. The moves I make in a big room are so different than the ones that I use at home. It wasn’t even my favourite song (I’m very much influenced by the music) but there I was, rolling on the floor, moving in a surprising way. Didn’t know I had such moves within my body! Impro is an exploration. And me? I love to explore!

I decided to call this phenomenon of experiencing surprising movements “big room magic”. If the space is vast, there’s more freedom to move in a whatever way. The space wants to be filled. You can’t stay in one place, you need to move around! Every corner needs to be filled with energy. This is why I also like to dance on the street. You know, walking around with my headphones on and striking a move every now and then. And don’t they do the same in dance films as well? In those, people always burst out dancing in some kind of an open space.

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