Day 234: New is the Old that was Forgotten

New things are always exciting. At least for me. I adore novelty. I love it so much that I even forget being scared. Well, I am still scared of some new things and situations. But others? I just throw myself into them. For instance, I find the following things super-exciting:

  • travelling to a new place
  • moving to a new place
  • trying a new food
  • new clothes
  • new running trail
  • new project that I can tackle on my own
  • new kind of workout

On the other hand, once people get involved, I am a bit scared and feel like running away. I think it’s because I don’t know whether I would like the people involved and whether they would like me… Usually, it turns out to be fine and all the fear was simply useless. But I do remember wanting to turn back when I went to my first salsa class (because you need to dance to strangers and I’m a beginner and would I find a partner in the class anyway?? Ahhh! I did this in June and most of the times ended up being paired with the teacher which was super cool). All the first days at work when I didn’t know anyone yet? Ugh, let’s throw up. Going to dates with men that I meet on Tinder? I feel so much more comfortable meeting people in real life because then I know in advance that a) we click and have something to talk about, b) they are taller than me (I’m 175 cm and this is an issue, I want to feel protected and look up to a man, maybe just a tiny bit).

Oh, well. Went for a long sunset walk yesterday and thought about how I like to destroy things. Just to build them up again. Just to create again. Because everything new is so exciting, especially the remastered old. And this morning I made a small list of old things that I actually like. The things that really have stuck with me throughout the years (because I tend to change a lot and I move a lot, etc.).

The things/activities that I have liked for many years:

  • creative writing or any kind of writing
  • dancing, be it either free flowing or choreographed
  • being outdoors
  • travelling
  • cooking and enjoying food, creating recipes; especially cooking for others
  • running
  • strength training at the gym
  • cats
  • climbing a hill/building to enjoy the view from above; being in a high spot
  • planning a trip or life
  • designing my home
  • listening to favourite music very loud
  • wearing pretty clothes + hairdo and make-up
  • posing for photos
  • walking, hiking
  • buying food
  • buying books
  • going to a cinema
  • road trips
  • red hair
  • tracking my daily activity and sleep
  • massage
  • United Kingdom
  • finishing uncompleted stuff

I feel a bit giddy when I think of some of these activities and things. I want to experience them again. And again. Ahh, life is beautiful! What are the things/activities that have stuck with you throughout the years?

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