Day 235: Just Start

It’s been quiet. Here. Not in my life. Not inside me. But I have a writer’s block. And a reader’s block, too. Me, an avid reader. Happens to the best of us. The only things I manage to write are compulsory work things. I actually enjoy writing these. They have structure. A purpose. An audience. And people waiting for me to act. I have been doodling into my notebook as well. Kind of diary-thingy. My thoughts. I think I’m very close to actually writing properly again. Very-very close. And by this I mean that I might be updating this blog more often too. It’s not that hard, really.

There’s just one secret to it all.

If you’re stuck, just start.

Doing something. Anything.

Get going. Gain a momentum. Pick up some speed and then roll in any direction that you would like to choose. But start, please, do start. You won’t go anywhere if you don’t take the first step. Scary? Doesn’t matter. In hindsight, it would be much scarier to look back and see how you did not do something. Push on. Push forward. Go.

And regrets? I don’t have any. Life’s too short for them anyway. No need to regret if you do write something that is utter bullshit. At least you are writing. And the better things are yet to come. Creative process is not only feverish production of words and sentences. Sometimes it’s hard labour. Sometimes you need to push it. Sometimes you need to hate it. And still do it until you love it again. If you really don’t love it, stop. But I do know that I love writing and to keep this love alive in my life, I need to keep it going somehow.

See what I did here? I wanted to write two sentences, saying that you simply need to start. I ended up writing whole paragraphs. Not sure if they are useful in any sense to you but they are to me. They helped me get out of my writer’s block a bit.

Well, true, I have been updating my Sportlio profile as well because I did have some races in July and also in August. There I was writing too. A lot. It’s not that bad when I actually analyse it! I AM WRITING.

What do You Think?

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