Day 281: Systematic Creativity

Creativity is mainly depicted as something wild. Uncontrollable. Magical. Something that comes and goes at its own will. Creativity might also be seen as something that only certain kind of people possess. However, I think that creativity can be invoked in anyone. You can summon it with certain exercises. But this is not what I wanted to talk about today.

Especially this week, I have been thinking about my approach regarding creativity. I am not really writing now. Not yet. But I sense that these days are coming back. OK, I’m lying. I am writing but only the necessary work stuff, i.e. documentation for software. This also requires some creativity because the end result is not so precisely defined. I have a vague idea what I need to produce but there are no guidelines, no style guide. I have some freedom how to interpret all this. And this is how I like it.

In fact, I wanted to discuss how creativity is not really something messy and uncontrollable for me. Yes, I do have (and love) those bursts of inspiration when all I can do is just write for hours. It feels almost like having a fever. But I haven’t had this for a while. More often, I find myself planning, listing activities, enjoying my calendar app called TickTick. I tend to live in the future. I like to plan things and then wait for them. But… I am also learning to live in the moment. I am creating these moments for myself. Many of them are carefully planned… hm, no, not very carefully, not to the detail. But I do know the basic outline of them. The details happen in the moment. There’s a system. There’s creativity.

Overall, it seems that I’m adopting to a principle that a very special person told me about: “Live one day at a time, enjoy it and take this feeling with you to the next day.” The happiness of one day carries on to the next and then the next… Such a positive mindset but sometimes hard to follow because the old anxiety (what if this doesn’t last, what will tomorrow bring, etc.) tries to kick in. But it gets better. I can enjoy the moments too. I have created a nice system for myself that also includes creativity and I am happy.

What do You Think?

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