Day 292: Go Around

Whenever I hit a wall, be it either in personal, professional or athlete’s life (realised that I have 3 separate layers), I don’t really back down. If I truly want something, I go around. I try to go around the wall, at least. I tell myself that this is not the end, there must be another way. There’s always hope. Hope for a better future is the main force that keeps me going anyway. Although sometimes I do manage to live in the present as well. Lately, more often than not.

Sometimes there are the stairs to climb the wall and get over it.

I do think that it’s foolish to stop trying if it is worth trying. Some things aren’t. Just make sure you recognise them. I won’t go into detail but I guess I have figured out what is worth trying in my life. And I keep doing it. Either this way or that way. Straight to the goal or by going around the wall that stands in my way. There’s always a way if it’s meant to be.

P.S. I am happy. I have found peace. And some awesomeness as well. Soon, I might be doing some more writing. This is just a warm-up. Just a random post to get my fingers typing again.

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