Day 329: The Importance of People

“Building relationships is like investing a small percentage of our happiness in this other person, and receiving an investment of some of their happiness in us in return.”

Mark Manson, 5 Ways to Build Resilience and Conquer Adversity

In his blog, Mark Manson mentions how everyone needs a safety net of relationships to fall into when hard times come knocking. No one wants to be down the hole all alone.

If that freaking pandemic and staying all alone in quarantine has taught me anything… it is that I need other people. I am not really a loner. I can be alone, I like myself, I love myself. But I also like to be around certain people. I am what you would call a “flexible introvert”. An introvert who can handle social situations. An introvert who adapts, survives. An introvert who can even entertain other people. And human beings have evolved to be at least somewhat emotionally dependent on one another.

Yes, I need people. Certain people for certain situations. People to talk to – in fact, different people are suitable for different topics. People to run with. People to dance with. People to work with. People to fall in love with. I am so many things. I need so many different kinds of people around me. A few posts ago I did discuss where I fit in. Even at work, even after the restructuring, I am kind of nowhere and everywhere. I am not in any particular team. My role is to help anyone who needs it. I hop in. I hop out. I go with the flow. Where does the flow take me? Well, let’s see. I’m in for the ride.

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