Day 377: The Need for Synergy

Another day in quarantine. Like I said in the previous post, it seems like the perfect time to do something. Something, something, anything. As one person wrote to me that he’d been reading my blog, I suddenly felt as if I really should write something here. Something, something, anything. Even if it’s just a load of babbling, it is something. In a year or so – when we all (hopefully) look back at these crazy times and laugh (because of the absurdity) – I might find it an interesting thing to read. Or maybe not. Doesn’t matter, really, sometimes the process, the act of writing is what truly matters. Keep the writing going and you could go to… places.

“Synergy” – the creation of a whole that is greater than ther simple sum of its parts – Wikipedia.

1+1 is not simply 2.


There is some kind of beauty in creating together. Inspiring one another. Motivating. Or not even together-together, but in the same room. I do miss work. Me, a former home office junkie. I miss the other people around me, everybody looking busy, everybody doing something, inspiring me to do something useful with my time as well.

Social love, collective evolutionary drive. The group outperforms even its best individual member. Bad things are contagious. So are good things. There’s a reason why people come together. Why people train together. Why we are not all hermits living in their caves.

The connections between the parts are crucial. Essential. Important. The connections need to be established. Nurtured. Kept. Maintained. Virtual connections might seem real but real-life contacts are vital. In a virtual environment, the people might seem a bit abstract. The relationships might seem abstract. After all, we are living, breathing creatures. The time will come. It will.

What do You Think?

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