Day 385: Wake me up when September ends

Everybody now knows that we need to stay in all the time. The virus, you know. A perfect time to write the blog? Well, I have been isolated for a bit longer than a week now and should have all the time in the world but it took me quite a while to get into the writing mode. Establishing a proper daily routine has also proven to be quite hard. Funny, isn’t it? Actually, it’s odd. I really should be able to use this time in a better way. But I simply can’t. I feel sleepy all the time. Yes, all the time. I do work out. More than ever. Or maybe not? Because I can’t go on long walks and don’t get any steps in simply by going to work. Going to work now means putting some clothes on and hauling yourself to the kitchen counter. Not really going anywhere… But I have started online twerk classes on Mondays and Wednesdays + I also have my burlesque classes on Tuesday and Thursday. At home. In front of the TV – because, yes, my laptop does connect to the TV, yes!! Can enjoy a really big screen.

I have lived alone for months now and I am quite fine alone. However, without the option to meet people, I do feel bit more lonely. It does help, knowing that everyone else is stuck like me. It does. But many people also have some human physical contact in their isolation because they are in this together. What I miss most when it comes to living with someone? Yes, the physical contact because I am the kind of person who loves being touched. Being touched by cats really doesn’t count, although they give their best. Funny, my longest relationship is with my cats. More than 10 years already!

I do have my work tasks but they are somewhat vague. Which leaves me with loads of free time. It should leave me with the initiative to do something but I don’t feel super motivated right now. What I need now are clearly defined tasks that I can start with and then finish. Like translations used to be. OK, my current job also includes some very clear tasks and I do have a deadline in 5 days but I still find it hard to get started. The world has stopped and I have done it as well. Where’s that reset button? I really need to get going again!

This is the time when I could invent new recipes, write that damn MA thesis, create my own creative writing e-course, and write, write, write. Why am I not doing it? What am I waiting for? Know what? I am actually very proud of myself that I finally wrote this one blog post (after a month of silence) instead of falling asleep again, which I was about to do… I woke up, ate breakfast, checked email and was back on bed, tired and ready to fall asleep… Ugh, stop it, use this time wisely! Think of all the things you always wanted to do. All the books that are waiting to be read! And yes, please also work!

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  1. This quarantine proves extremely well that most of us who claim not to have enough time to get all of the necessary “stuff” done in their life, are just lazy procrastinating fucks.


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