Day 425: 3 Things about Gym

Oh wow, what day is it already? When did I last write? Last year? Yes. And the new year has been ongoing for a while already. I have been meaning to write. About fitting in. About being a technical writer. Maybe not that much about my relationships. Not in the mood for that. Time will tell. Time will soothe all the wounds and make it easier to write or talk about all this. Currently, still living alone. And I kind of like it to a certain extent.

Anyhow… as I have been spending increasingly more time at the gym, I would like to point out a few things that I’ve noticed. Just some small something to get me back in writing mood. So, here’s a list of three random things that I don’t quite get or relate to.

1. Walking on the treadmill

I understand running on the treadmill. Even I have done this: as a warm-up or as a proper training if it was too slippery/windy outside. The treadmill helps you with achieving your goals, challenging yourself, keeping up the speed. But when you walk on it at a leisurely pace? No challenge. And it’s super boring. Why would anyone want to do that? It’s not summer outside. It’s not even spring, but it’s actually quite OK out there. OK enough to be walking outdoors. Nothing can beat that fresh air! I’ve been injured and not running lately, but I have walked a bit and I truly enjoyed it. Even discovered some interesting new places near my home.

2. Bringing huge bags into the gym

Maybe it’s because I’m a runner, but whenever I go to the gym, I take as few as possible things with me. When I run, I never want to hold a bottle or something. Nor do I want anything to hinder me when working out in the gym. Mostly, I only wear a small towel and my phone (to record my workout with the Jefit app) with me + headphones + key usually in the pocket. I even pick my gym leggings based on whether they have a pocket or not. And then there are these guys with large sports bags… OK, you might need a lifting belt or something but these are also provided in the gym. Yesterday, I noticed a huge open bag on the floor. What was inside? Mainly looked like someone had brought their supplement supply with them. Why? To take between these exercises? Why all these bottles?

3. Dressing like it’s cold

I don’t know about you, but I sweat a lot when I train, especially in the gym. Because it’s warmer than outside! Let me note that I am the kind of person who doesn’t like being cold, except when starting a run outside. I always sleep, nicely tucked in, no toes out. And I think it’s super warm in any gym. Usually. And then there are people with long-sleeved sweaters and bulky hoodies. I would be dying in these. Is it because they are trying to lose weight by sweating the water out (pointless) or do they simply spend so much time on their phone/walking around/sitting down instead of actually training?

Do you agree with any of these? Any other thoughts?

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