Day 525: Scattered Focus

Scattered focus. The expression itself is so beautiful it doesn’t stop haunting me. Scattered. Focus. Not scattered as in all over the place in a really messy way. No. Scattered beautifully like leaves that fall from the trees in autumn. I heard about from a podcast I listened to a while ago. It was a Ted Talk. Possibly, it was Chris Bailey and his talk titled “How to Get Your Brain to Focus”. Or maybe someone else, I am not sure anymore.

Basically, the mind could work in the flight/fight/freeze mode – response to acute danger and stress – , in the enthusiastic mode where you want to do cool stuff and achieve, or in a zen-like state where things evolve in a calm way. The thing is that most people are motivated by fear, I am no exception of that either. But I want to change that. I have changed that. I feel much better now. The fear of failure. The fear of disapproval. You simply don’t do certain things because you are afraid what others might think. And when you actually get to doing something that you yourself consider bad or even awful, you might even discover that the others don’t care as much as you thought they did. What a relief! No need to be afraid, better do stuff!

People could also be motivated by things that fascinate them. Ever experienced a hyperactive study mode in which you were devouring all the podcasts and books that entailed a specific topic? You could have been so excited that it was impossible to wind down in the evening. Life had so much to offer and you were grabbing every bite you could get. I have had loads of this enthusiasm but lately I have also experienced the third: scattered focus, zen-state.

Zen. This is where everyone would be in an ideal world, most of the time. Observing the world, not rushing around. Maybe not even thinking about that big project that needs to get done. This is where the magic happens. When you are not fleeing, when you are not frantically loading yourself with copious amounts of information, when you just ARE. I have realised that inspiration mostly hits me in that exact state. When I am not trying too hard, when I’m not trying at all. In these moments, my mind is relaxed and finally has the time to weave a web that would interconnect all the things I learned in my active state. You have felt this, I suppose. These are the moments under the shower, walking in the forest, in bed before falling asleep. The precious ones. Scattered focus. You are not focusing too hard. You are not focusing at all. And the mind puts the pieces together itself. Beautiful.

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