Day 580: Playing With Words

It’s me again. I am still alive and kicking. I haven’t been doing much lately, only reinventing myself. Pulling myself into a thousand pieces and putting them back together. Maybe you have been following me on Instagram and have some clue what I’ve been up to. Maybe you haven’t. Anyhow, I failed a 10K event as well as the marathon. But. I am alive and kicking, I will try again. Like they did in the new Estonian film Chasing Unicorns (which is a hilarious story about start-ups and the start-up culture in general): you fail, you pick yourself up, you try again.

The good news is that I am writing again. Every single day. Been doing this since my failed marathon which means already 9 days in a row. I am chewing my way through a book by Shelley Davidow and Paul Williams, called Playing With Words. It is not the kind of book that you simply pick up and read. It’s the kind of book that you read, then pause to do a writing exercise, then read again, reflect on what you read, etc. September has begun and I also need to start thinking about my MA thesis. Doing it the ballsy way. I told my tutors that the only way I am going to write my MA thesis is doing it in a practical way. Yes, I am going to write a creative writing book (+ 30 pages of theoretical background required for the MA defense). I even have the basic outline for it! It’s messy, still. It hit me last year in June when I was sitting in one of the Ryanair planes, heading to England. Thus, it is written on my plane ticket. I do remember the feverish feeling I had when I scribbled it all down. It felt so thrilling! Oh, am I glad that I kept this valuable fruit of a brainstorm or what?

However, today I wanted to share one of the creative writing exercises, a result of my book reading process. It’s not polished or anything and I’m not intending to do much about it anyway but have a read anyway. And yes, I do use English for the creative writing exercises. I no longer write much in Estonian.

The French café exercise – describe a person/table/cup (I chose to write about my kitchen table)

In this home, the kitchen table is not just a kitchen table, reserved for the purposes of eating or, in some cases, for a bit of food prepping. It is THE table of the house, yet not the only one. The two other tables in the household, both white and equally impractical, mostly serve a decorative purpose. Well, they do serve as places where to put your things too but you couldn’t sit by them unless you are a midget or sit on the floor.

So, the kitchen table – round, flecked with a marble pattern but not really made of marble. Set on three sturdy legs – also round -, this table stands its fort, unmovable in the kitchen corner. You could try shifting it from its place but it is heavy, laden with things, not all of which belong to the kitchen. Things are underneath it as well, the joys of a small apartment – you need to use every inch of space available.

The white toaster and the chrome bread box really do belong on the table. Rightfully. The same can be said about the brown place mats, but not necessarily about the metallic box, containing whatever, there as a decoration. A burlesque beauty staring at you from the lid. A gift from an ex while he already was an ex. Bittersweet, yet it used to contained one of the most delicious chocolates, mint-flavoured.

The scented candles could fill the room with just the right romantic atmosphere. But they are dusty, no one has used them for a while now. They could lit up a candle-lit dinner, perhaps? Trying to overcome the business of the street outside. The cars, the shouting people, the screeching trams.

What’s with the papers on the round table? Do they really belong there or are they just someone’s mess, forgotten? And all the shop receipts? Please, do insert them into your Excel sheet already and throw away this stack of paper. And we do need to talk about that bulky laptop! Miss Freelancer, didn’t we decide that you do NOT work from home? Yes, be a freelancer but get out of the home. While you still have your sanity. The world of libraries and cafés awaits.

P.S. If I am completely honest, I did edit this piece a tiny bit. On the go. While typing it in from my notebook. But nothing major, just masking some ugly spots with a concealer. Isn’t it funny how creative pieces transform?

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