Day 620: You Would Need to be an Ironman…

There were times when I was more easily impressed. I was impressed when someone ran a marathon faster than 4 hours. Because I could not. Or there were even times when running a marathon, no matter what the result, was sufficient to wow me. But I have evolved. I have become so much faster. I now run marathons even more than 1 hour faster compared to my very first one (1h 12 min slower than my current PB). I have realised that almost anyone can run a marathon. It is a matter of some willpower and some dedicated training.

On Saturday, we went to watch the Ironmen run. It was the massive Ironman Tallinn event. Super expensive but also super cool. I comprehended its extent only later when I watched it on TV. People from all over the world came here to do the Ironman. I watched them run a marathon after they had already swum 3.8 km (sounds impossible to me) and biked 180 km (my one day record in cycling is something around 110 km and I was dead afterwards). Some of them were really slow and tired but the very best had already finished when we arrived. However, some of them demonstrated quite a pretty pace and moved exceptionally well. I kept thinking how they must be suffering. All that swimming and cycling and then a marathon as well? Ugh, no thanks. Yet, I am also very impressed by the faster ones. Yes, doing an Ironman is itself quite an achievement but if you basically walk through the marathon or have a huge beer belly, then I am not impressed. I am impressed if you do the Ironman and are also fit. If you do not risk your life unnecessarily. The obese people are not a fun sight. Sorry, but they are not. I do not think they should participate in such an event. This is not sport, this is a major health risk. People should be sufficiently fit before they embark on such a thing.

You would need to be a fast Ironman to impress me. Because a marathon is no longer enough.

Would I try an Ironman race? Yes. But not before I am 50. Or 40. I do not want to sacrifice my running right now to focus more on swimming and cycling. Even when most triathletes run pretty fast. Currently, I do not have that much time for all this. Maybe later when I am financially secure and can do full-time training without becoming poor… Oh, and I am afraid as well! Afraid of drowning, for instance. All that swimming… oh noes. And I do not actually like cycling. The clothes are actually, the tan lines are ugly, the sitting position seems uncomfortable and would possibly kill my lower back completely and I already have issues with it. So, for now I have all these excuses. Later, later, later.


  1. One possible (convenient) explanation to oneself would be that triathletes are the people who are too slow in running, so they switch to triathlon to hide it behind the fact that they’re already “tired” from all the swimming and cycling 🙂


    • But so many actually run pretty fast too! Maria Jänese, for example, who set a new Estonian record ran a marathon 4 minutes faster than me. And I didn’t do the swimming and cycling before mine!


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