Day 628: The Cheerful Trainer Type

The cheerful group fitness trainer who always smiles and seems to be ready to tackle any situation with loads of enthusiasm? You know who I am talking about. That person who stands in front of a fitness class and cheers everybody on. That person who is supposed to motivate all the other people who are his/her clients. That person who almost always has a nice body as well. That’s definitely not me! OK, the last thing was about me, I discovered that I look quite fine. Not just fine either, like an athlete! Anyhow, I went to a Les Mills bodypump class to add some diversity to my workouts. Nope, I didn’t skip my run, my “real” training (which for a runner is running) starts in a few hours. Luckily, it’s an easy workout ahead: only 10 km with my heart rate 10 beats below the aerobic threshold. +a short visit to the track where the others shall be having a truly hardcore workout but where I only have to jump up and down the stairs a bit. I didn’t have a workout planned for the morning and the bodypump class was just perfect to fill that hole + it gave me a good excuse to work from the home office again + the voucher for a free class was due to expire today.

Anyhow, I wanted to discuss the cheerful trainer types a bit. I do understand that they might be necessary in some settings. No one would like to see a moping trainer in front of the class. Or have someone shout at you angrily. A cheerful attitude is usually the best way to go. But how much is too much? Estonians are typically introverted people who do not show their emotions too much (except when drunk or if they are hardcore yoga practitioners who float through life). Someone cheering you on during the workout? Nah. I don’t mean to whine but I think I prefer a resourceful and super clever trainer instead. Someone who is a tiny bit cheerful but even more focused on the right technique and explaining things. Explaining why a certain exercise is good for you. Yes, I actually passed the bodybuilding trainer’s exam and kind of know what particular exercises do but I also love to be reminded how something influences my body. Please do tell me that this burns the fat off my abs or gives me really toned thighs. Do it even if I know it already! Be clever.

That’s it. Enough of ranting about trainers and their attitude. All in all, it was a good class and I really liked my reflection in the mirror. Below you can find a foggy changing room mirror selfie. Post-workout. Post-shower. Post-sauna. Anyone can see that I am not very good at taking gym selfies. Not yet.

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