Day 630: A Year Has Passed

One year has passed from the day when I started the daily posts in this blog. A year later, there are no more daily posts (see the previous post on this) and I am also not quite sure about my goals anymore. It’s really difficult to be me, seriously! My dreams change ever so often. Well, honestly, the essence of these dreams is still the same as a year ago but the nuances have transformed a great deal. Let’s have a brief look at them, shall we? I guess it would do me only good if I redefined them once again. Only to do it again and again in the future. But that’s life. Life changes. Let’s go with the flow.

Own and live in a house.

I still want a house, definitely! Summer inside an apartment really is hard and I don’t really visit my summer cottage anymore. I no longer feel good there. I myself have become a stranger there and too many strangers are visiting it. Maybe one day we will buy our own small summer cottage somewhere closer to us. Or have a really big garden at home, so we wouldn’t need a cottage where to escape.

A year ago, I started this blog with the grand announcement that we had bought a piece of land. We had planned to build our house there. However, now we are thinking of selling that land as well as our apartment that we have currently rented out. We realised that we might not be the kind of people who actually build a house. This is too hardcore and time-consuming. Possibly, once I get a proper job (we can’t both be small business owners in the same company if we want a decent bank loan), we will buy a house instead. Next year, I think.

Write AND publish a book.

My writing has really gone downhill. Have I written anything at all? Well, yes, if you count the blog posts that I wrote during my internship for marketing purposes. It is not much but in hard times, they will do? At least I wrote something… Only yesterday I leafed through a notebook and discovered some very good drafts. Should develop them into stories!

Win a major race.

I think this goal is doing the best right now because I am still training hard and improving bit by bit. Last week, I made my Estonian championships track debut in 10,000 metres. Yes, I have run at the nationals before. Yes, I have run on the track before. But never before have I run at the track nationals. I would choose a road race any time of the day. The track is hardcore, especially when it’s more than 25 degrees outside! Felt like boiling in there! I met my minimum goal: I finished and I wasn’t the last. 8th place out of 9 competitors. At first, 14 women had registered but 5 of them didn’t show up at all. I was almost the 6th woman, but the last 2 laps killed me, I couldn’t go along with a change in pace. Almost 6th place, almost. Will keep training.

P.S. My star sign is pisces, symbolised with a pair of fishes, each one of them swimming in the opposite direction. I do tend to go with the flow, but part of me is always swimming to the other direction. The water around the fishes (unless they are stuck in a small pond but even there the rain comes and brings some new water with it) changes all the time. The water moves. I am the same. I need some fresh water/people/activities around me all the time.

Photo of the Day

July 29 is our wedding anniversary. 3 years of marriage.

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