Day 650: Let’s Do It Attitude

Recently, I have started to think about how much I really need more let’s-do-it-attitude in my life. Quite often people simply talk about things that should be done. They have all those plans, dreams even. I know I am the same. I dream. A lot. I love making plans. I even love it so much that I often get stuck in the planning process and don’t move onward with the real action. Then comes the moment when I forget all about it and… start planning another thing. It seems as if I am trapped inside a vicious circle of planning.

Considering the above, I seriously need some action that would lead to results. I am tired of dreaming of things and events and not actually getting my hands on them. At the company where I currently am an intern, we have a nice vibe of “let’s do it right now”. Because the best time is right now. Why wait? However, some tasks cannot be completed instantly. Then what? Maybe try and divide them into smaller pieces, edible chunks. Because.. how do you eat an elephant? Bite by bite. Of course, I wouldn’t want to eat an elephant, I respect that animal too much (and obviously I don’t respect the other animals I eat because I am an omnivore).

Let’s do it. Anything is possible. Let’s do it now. Do whatever you can do now.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Some hard-core IT stuff. For me, at least! But now I know how to create a database by using Xampp. Could be useful in the future. Useful for my new career, that is.

Write AND publish a book.

Blog draft much improved. Not this blog. It’s for marketing purposes. Trying my hand at writing different kind of stuff I used to.

Win a major race.

An easy jog to the office + a more serious training in the evening. I was tired but it actually went well. Quite amazed that I was able to run those 600-metre laps with 3.47 pace! It’s not an easy landscape! Hills, etc.

Photo of the Day

Ready to go out!

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