Day 651: I Need Action

What happens to me when I stay idle for too long? I get stuck into the idleness and might even lose the will to do something useful or productive. The deeper I fall, the worse it gets. Some might think that being idle (i.e. resting) is actually a good thing. You get to recharge your batteries and empty your mind. Huh, does not really work like this for me. Recharging my battery in such a way sounds like… like not plugging in the charger. I feel energised when I do something, experience things. I need to be on the move. I need to travel. I need to have something to do. Restless? Maybe yes. But this is what actually works for me! This is why I love travelling. This is why I plunge into new activities. I am not the kind of girl who would spend her vacation lying beside the pool. Too boring and drowsy, makes me even fall asleep. My vacation? A hike in the mountains, loads of sightseeing, definitely some running or other workouts… My mind rests when I am presented with new experiences. This is how it is. And if I do need to be idle, then it should happen after a long hike! Only then can I feel satisfied with doing nothing.

Next vacation coming up in the end of August. First, a few days in Paris (finally!), then some housesitting in the lovely town of Bath (super happy that I found this opportunity!).

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Finished some translation work and started on a really big development thing. Finally, a proper task! I am also a bit afraid of it. However, learning new things and keeping my mind super active beats the difficulties anytime! Learn PHP? OK. Play around with Xampp? OK. Build a SQL database? OK! Excited about what I am going to learn.

Write AND publish a book.

No fiction, but had an interview with one guy and started writing a blog post based on this. And they continue loving my writing.

Win a major race.

An easy run in the evening. + bought some new pretty running shoes. Pink!

Photo of the Day

Do I need this jacket? Sportland Outlet.

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