Day 652: Out of Space

If there is one time when Estonians can actually tolerate being really close to one another, it is during the song festival. Not because they are drunk, alcohol is prohibited from the song festival grounds because it is a family event. No one sells alcohol in there and possibly the bags were searched as well (I didn´t go but that should be common practice). Estonians who typically like to have their own space and are known for buying quite isolated properties for their summer homes (definitely needs to be far from the neighbours and preferably hidden from view by some handy trees, etc.), seem to forget all about it and enjoy a genuine “elbow-feeling” (so close to the others that your elbows touch) during the song festival. Why else was it sold out? The ticket sales were stopped on the day, so my hopes for squeezing inside and buying the ticket on the very day because I had not thought about it earlier were dismissed. After 95,000 people had got inside, that was it. Further entrances denied due to security reasons.

On social media, people kept looking for tickets. Even odd kind of jokes circled: profitable schemes that included buying loads of tickets for the next song festival (in 5 years time) and selling them 10x more expensive once the day hit and everything sold out, etc. People seemed desperate about going. However, there were other ways to join in the big celebration. The national TV was broadcasting the entire concert and even the news were delayed by an hour because the singers simply could not stop singing. News delayed by an hour? Really, this is not your everyday. Big screens were set up in several towns as well. We visited one of such screens at Vabaduse väljak (Freedom Square), joking that if one “väljak” did not have room for us (“lauluväljak” – song festival grounds), the other one was willing to have us. Compared to the huge party, the city centre location was much less crowded. There was space to lounge! Lounge on hard concrete… People had brought blankets and were sitting down. Some had already fallen asleep. We sat on the edge near the stairs and watched the concert for an hour or so. Then it got too cold for us and we walked around a bit, browsing photos of the song festival history. The photos of the pre-concert parade were the best. We could see how the buildings had looked like decades before we were even born. Tallinn was so different! After a while, the wind got the best of us and we returned home to continue watching the concert on TV. Possibly, we are not too much die-hard souls who could stay hours outside just for the concert. Well, it is pretty and all but I do like being warm!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Continued working on the company website. What a mess it is! I have so much to learn, yet am also willing to dive in! I guess it is crucial to update our website and set up the e-store if we want to increase our income + if I want to improve my web development skills and launch a new career.

Write AND publish a book.

This territory is currently dormant.

Win a major race.

A nightmare-like long run. Everything would have been quite fine but I spent quite a lot of time squatting in the bushes. Diarrhea! Every runner´s worst nightmare. Especially, when you have to go for a long run.

Photo of the Day

Vabaduse väljak. Watch party.

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