Day 653: And the Singing Starts

Every 5 years, the entire nation gathers together to sing. Thousands of singers stand under the generous arc of the song festival grounds, which sometimes also hosts other kinds of artists like Bon Jovi, and even more thousands sit on the benches and the grass and the hill and at homes in front of their TVs and in front of big screens, put up across Estonia. This is a massive thing! Not everybody makes the cut and gets to sing with the choirs, there is a strict selection process beforehand. The entire process is in fact years long. With such a massive event to organise, you do need some time, right?

People go to the festival and sit on the grass, enjoying a little picnic with their friends and family. The event is long and if it rains, could become quite difficult to handle. I went to the Bon Jovi concert that had much fewer visitors but the toilet queues were quite a madness. I do not even try to imagine what they were during the song festival! Well, maybe not that bad because alcohol was prohibited from the area and people might need the toilet less often if they are not loaded with alcohol that, you know, fills your bladder quickly! Or maybe it is just me who needs to start living in the toilet after a cup of cider…

It is quite odd how long the event is and how people seem not wanting to leave. After every song, the singers (yes, the only place where the artists call for this) demanded to sing the song once again. And then there were the endless “thank-you-s” and speeches and moving the choirs to and from the stage. If you have something like 6,000 singers in total, it does take time!

Singing is ingrained deeply in our nation. Estonia sang its way to freedom during the singing revolution after all. Even those people who cannot sing do want to sing. Estonians are by nature shy and thus singing in this big mass of people might be just the thing to do. No one will hear if you do it wrong. Or if they do, who cares?

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Spent some time working on our company website. This. Will. Take. Forever. But the plans are looking great.

Write AND publish a book.

So much time spent on website design and planning, no time to write.

Win a major race.

8x1000m speedwork, the hardest workout of the week. Did not go so well because I was alone, without a pacemaker. But at least I did it.

Photo of the Day

Some remote office time at a café

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