Days 657-654: Pickle Season

We have a saying in Estonian, “It’s the pickle season.” Pickles for Estonians mostly means cucumbers. I made some myself. Because it really is the season for them! Cucumber is nice and watery, perfect treat in summer. Especially if you are tired of the sweet ice creams. A slightly sour, savoury, and juicy pickle can be just the thing to eat when you feel thirsty. However, this saying is actually about the news that summer brings. Everyone goes into vacation mode and nothing really happens. Well, if something does happen, there is usually no one to read about it or comment on it because everyone is off living the real life. You know, outdoors. And the typical news in summer? Usually nothing special. They could be even so boring that they only talk about… well, pickles.

This week was a bit like a proper pickle season. Very quiet at the office. Days flying by. Nothing really happened. Except… I reversed my car into the wall of our house and broke the taillight. It’s now waiting for Monday and some repairs. But that’s not really worth mentioning, is it?

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Studied some Jquery coding language – paving my way towards IT success and a new career. Basically, redesigned the front page of our small business – don’t get too excited, it’s still in the mock-up phase (i.e. I only have an idea how it should look like, not the actual thing). Soon, the site will be redesigned and the e-store shall also be opened. + I will add this to my web development portfolio, which currently is kind of empty.

Write AND publish a book.

Played around with an idea for a fiction book but not quite sure what to make of it. Also played around with creating a really cool website, dedicated to creative writing but not sure if this is what I want to do with my life.

Win a major race.

Kept running, running, running. Quite a few high-quality workouts. I am happy with them.

Photo Time

Meanwhile, at the Kalev stadium – dance festival full on! This only happens every few years.

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