Day 658: Summer Monday

Honestly, I don´t find Mondays difficult to digest. What´s all that fuzz about missing Friday and the weekend? You know it. You have heard of it. The radio stations start with it on Monday. The constant whining about going to work and having to suffer… Come on! If it is that bad, do something about it! Why would anyone want to torture themselves on a daily basis? Why would you do something that you don´t really like? I am the kind of person who has mostly done things that they prefer. I have only this life and I am going to enjoy it. No time wasted on pointless stuff. Well, sometimes I am not 100% happy but usually, when this happens, I start looking for ways to improve the situation. If it´s wrong, go and fix it!

Day 658 was a beautiful summer Monday. A day full of hope and sunshine. On such a day, I don´t feel like being tortured when I go to the office. Especially, if it is an office with extremely flexible schedule. The future of work.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Wrote yet another marketing blog post. If nothing else improves, then at least my writing skills do. Maybe I am destined to be a content writer after all? Ah, but web development sounds so exciting as well!

Write AND publish a book.

See above. Blog post writing practice.

Win a major race.

A really slow and easy recovery run. Muscles quite okay, but the 4th toes are blue and hurt. Too much time stuck inside a running shoe.

Photo of the Day

Our new barista

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