Day 659: …and the Running Party Continues and Ends

Sunday began fairly early. I opened my eyes in a crowded gym around 2.45 am. A friend lying next to me asked whether it was time to go. I said that the alarm was set to 3.30 am. Yet… about 5 minutes later, we were awake and packing because a message arrived, telling us that runner nr 10 had just started her 8 km. As runners 1-5, we had to get ready then because the circle was about to begin for the third and the last time. Team relay fun!

At that point, it seemed almost impossible that I was going to run quite soon. I comforted myself with the fact that I was nr 2 and that nr 1 still had about 12 km to run which meant yet another hour for me to wake up properly. We drove around in the van, I refueled with some bars and Red Bull. After that awful, near-death migraine experience, which included throwing my guts out, I finally felt hungry. And at 4.30 am, I was ready. I didn’t go to the road with certain plans in my head. I just wanted to see what I was capable of. Just run. Just go. Just survive. Oddly enough, these 14.4 km felt much easier than the very first run only 18 hours before. The pace difference was only 10 seconds per km and 4.45 min/km is not exactly the easiest pace. But… it felt so easy. So calm. The world was asleep. The world was waking up. Slowly, the sun crept out. When I reached Tapa, a small town, I could see quite many people coming from the pub. Possibly, they hadn’t even got to bet yet, whereas we had already slept almost 2 hours in a row! Yippii! A few hours later, our work was done. We had a good hot shower, some breakfast and some sleep outdoors. Officially, we could have stopped right there. Some of us didn’t. It was possible to run with the last runner to the finish line. I wanted this opportunity! Yet another 12 km on the road, this time with a really relaxing pace, meant that my weekly mileage reached 100 km. Beautiful number, isn’t it? The last members of our group joined us about 1 km before the very end and we crossed the finish line together. 335 km and 30 hours behind us, we were tired, but extremely happy. My body was in such an odd state that I couldn’t even sleep properly. I was agitated, I kind of wanted more and more! Would I do this again? Definitely yes! But the next time, I would take the pill sooner. Migraine is not nice, even when you do recover quickly and can run all the required distances!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

The only thing I was thinking about was running + other people who were running with me.

Write AND publish a book.

Were I to write a book about my running adventures, this one would definitely make the cut!

Win a major race.

This event had no winners. However, everyone was a winner. I guess all the teams made it to the finish line! All in all, such a long running weekend could be good for me. I survived. Even my painful heels recovered. It’s a kind of magic…

Photo of the Day

About to start the last 12 km.

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