Day 661: I Cannot Move My Head

You could sit by your computer for days and weeks and feel just a slight soreness without it really taking its toll on your body. But one wrong movement and you could pull a muscle. The tension has been accumulating over a longer period of time and there does come a point when too much is already too much. This is when hell breaks loose.

Friday, June 28, a peaceful morning, everything seemed fine. I had had that soreness on the right side for quite a long already. I asked my physiotherapist husband whether there would ever be a day when it does not feel sore. A day when I can wake up without feeling that tedious numbness. We thought that maybe it was the pillow. Well, the three pillows that I am using, to be precise. I like my head to be up high. I have tried using a smaller pillow, but this is even worse for my neck. Anyway, my husband showed me a stretch. It did made me feel a bit better but… Was it the stretch? I don’t know. Anyhow, once he was gone, and I was simply packing my stuff for the upcoming weekend (full of running!!), something tensed up really badly inside me. My trapezius muscle went into a spasm. I couldn’t move my head. I couldn’t bend down. I had to be very careful with every movement I made. Getting dressed or putting my shoes on proved to be quite a task. Even swallowing too big mouthfuls sent pain flashing through my body. I became super-aware of my body. I had to think before I moved. Somehow, I adapted to the new situation. As long as I kept my head static, I could do things. From the outside, I must have looked like a robot. But that’s life. A spasm can hit you anytime if you don’t pay attention to that nagging soreness in your body. If you leave it unattended for too long, it can and will bite back. Beware!

I tried to use a massage ball to ease the tension and succeeded somewhat. Warming cream was also my friend. However, more massage/therapy is required to fully overcome this.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Home office time. Continued working on some blog posts for the IT company. Also, came to an understanding that maybe I should step into the IT world as a content writer. First a writer, then a developer? Maybe get a job in a big company and then change roles at one point? Why not, why the hell not? I do have a particular company in mind but it’s too early to talk about it.

Write AND publish a book.

Brainstormed ideas for a novel that I could then submit to the Kindle contest.

Win a major race.

No running, a rest day. However, started my morning with some rubber band strength exercises. This, too, might have contributed to the trapezius spasm. Two days of lots of running and not so much sleeping lay ahead. A team relay race/event (there are no winners) on Saturday and Sunday. Will start from the highest summit of Estonia and finish in Tallinn. A total distance of 335 km. I will be running about 43 km, cut into 3 parts.

Photo of the Day

Lunch falafel wrap

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