Day 662: What are Developers Like?

Surfing around the web and reading about the current trends of software development, I stumbled upon an exciting survey, conducted among the users of Stack Overflow. For those who are not coding nerds, Stack Overflow is the place to go when you need help with a programming problem or want to share your own amazing code with the others. Basically it’s a community for developers, both professionals and students. The survey had about 100,000 participants, so the sample is quite large.

The survey is rather long but most of it is interesting. By reading this, I found out so much about developers. I will outline just a few things that I can remember. You can read the full survey if you wish.

  • Like in many other areas, the majority of developers are white heterosexual males.
  • The developers as well as their parents have higher education.
  • Developers don’t skip meals to increase their productivity. However, as far as health is concerned, not many of them exercise.
  • On average, they like to wake up early, before 8 am.
  • Developers code for fun, at their free time as well.
  • Most programmers work as back-end developers (the very thing that I don’t want to do).
  • The most popular programming language is JavaScript and Python is also on the rise. These are the language my teacher during the IT training didn’t especially love.
  • Many developers are self-taught. More than half of the survey respondents have coded less than 5 years. There’s hope for me!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Spent another day in the office, writing down some notes and reading about the IT industry because I have quite a few blog posts to write during my internship.

Write AND publish a book.

Continued reading a book on my commute to the office and back. Still searching for my own novel idea.

Win a major race.

Get-together with the other runners of our running club. Group workout. Running drills. Muscles a bit sore from the previous workouts and the sports massage.

Photo of the Day

Plantar fasciitis treatment. Yes, I have it but it is getting better already.

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