Day 663: The Rainy Days

There is beauty in the rainy days. The rainy days are colder and thus much better for running. While running, I even get a free shower! The rainy days also provide a good excuse to stay indoors and work on things that need to be worked on. There is usually not too much of a temptation to go outside and idle the time away. Yes, chilling out is crucial but sometimes you also need to get stuff done! Especially, if it has been piling up for too long. On the rainy days, there is less guilt when you stay in. If you manage not to turn the TV on and do something useful while online, you could actually get somewhere. Of course, only if your work/life does include computer stuff. In this modern world, usually it does!

Like a co-worker said: “Ah, shitty weather! Everybody is back to work!”

What is your relationship with the rainy days? Do you like them?

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

A huge step forward in my IT life. A rainy day spent in the office. I arrived already at 9am. The first one there? Most definitely, yes! I spent hours and hours on the technical task and built a simple calculator. Could have done it quicker but I also wanted to make it pretty like a proper front-end developer would.

Write AND publish a book.

No writing but I am back to reading books. I now have a book that I read while commuting to work on the tram.

Win a major race.

Huh, the aerobic threshold workout. Moderate pace, moderate effort, nothing too easy. 15 km of that. Muscles still sore from the previous day´s speedwork, so not super-efficient. But done! In the evening, received a massage. That was painful!

Photo of the Day

The desk is in the standing mode!

What do You Think?

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