Day 664: My Oldest Friends

I found yet another reason why having your own house with a garden is good. You could put a trampoline in it! Day 664, June 25, Tuesday. A home office day because I didn´t feel like going to the city centre. One day after a national holiday it was prone to be empty anyway. When Estonians do get into the holiday mode, it is hard to drag them out of it. I did send a blog post draft out and worked a bit on my coding skills. But Slack was actually quite quiet. In the evening, we drove to a nearby suburb where one of my friends lives. We try to get together every once in a while. It had been her birthday, so it was her turn to invite us over. She is the only person of the five of us who actually lives in a house. Well, they do share one sidewall with the neighbours but theirs is a corner plot, so they have lots of space. Enough space for a trampoline!

Actually, I wanted to focus on friendships. I like variety and new things. I also like new people. It seems that my life is structured as certain kinds of periods. For each period, I need particular type of people around me. I no longer meet with my university friends. I do not see the international student organisation people either. Mostly, it is now about the people from my running club. However, there are four girls that have stuck to me. Together, we form the fantastic five. Or something. We went to the same high school. I met 2 of them in the 1st grade, another was added to our class in the 6th grade, and the last addition came in the 10th grade (Estonian school system consists of 12 grades; school starts at age 7 and ends around age 19, before that you could go to the kindergarten). I have lost contact with many other schoolmates but they have remained. Maybe I cannot talk to them about the specifics of running, maybe they would be bored with it. Maybe I cannot discuss sewing burlesque costumes with them. Maybe I cannot discuss my writing with them. But. They are my oldest friends. They know all those things about me. I can talk about some stuff, e.g. family issues, without having to explain the backstory. They are already aware of it all and it feels so comfortable to share my life with them. I think it is crucial to have such friends even if we don´t meet very often.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Spent a lovely evening on a lovely terrace and had to admit that we do want a house of our own. Otherwise, a quiet day.

Write AND publish a book.

Still a no-no.

Win a major race.

Speedwork session. Tough. I haven´t done this for a while. Should be happy that I did it. Somehow.

Photo of the Day

Day at home

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