Day 665: Waitwhile

For the majority of Estonians, June 24 is significant just because it is a day off. No one really cares about celebrating the solstice. Everyone cares about having some time off in summer as well as as spending time with friends and family. No one really thinks about work on this date. But what was I doing? Well, I forgot to add a slot blocker to the calendar and had a massage appointment with a customer. How people even come to the idea that they should book an appointment on a national holiday? OK, it was my fault, I forgot to block it. My schedule is super limited, I only have slots available on Monday evenings. It was a Monday. It was evening. Thus… to work I went. Luckily, the office is now only a 6-minute walk from home. Luckily.

While I was there already, I tried to make the most of it and switch into productive mode. I have been working on localising and customising a web application that we could then start using on our website. Waitwhile. Scheduling app. So far, we have made it through with Setmore, which is quite good and familiar, but it does have its deficiencies. For instance, I could translate some parts of Setmore into Estonian but not all and thus we have an ugly mix of Estonian and English. This is not what I would like our customer to see when booking an appointment online. Waitwhile also allows to create waiting lists. I discovered it when I was looking for an app that we could use for storing booking requests from people we cannot serve immediately. My husband has lots of problems with remembering and handling all this. The internet is full of productivity apps, surely, there had to be one for our needs as well. I am still learning about it but it looks great. With the free account, you can have up to 100 bookings per month, which for us is reasonable. The paid plans are quite pricey but could pay off if you have a larger business. However, if you use my referral link, we both get some credit. So do use it if you need a scheduling and waitlisting app. I do love it how much I can play around with the code in there. But fear not, you could customise it too, even without knowing any code. And it does lend itself to localisation fairly well!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Continued building and improving our own small website. Played with Waitwhile. Possibly learned something. Had a heureka-moment: I could provide website building service to other massage therapists, a booking app included! Why not?

Write AND publish a book.

Oh no, my dear.

Win a major race.

An easy run on a not-so-easy landscape but at least the place was new! My mind needed something new. Otherwise I wouldn´t have gone at all…

Photo of the Day

The queen of trouble and mess

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