Day 667: The Cutting Board Award

No, I did not participate in a cooking competition, although one might think so by looking at the award I received on that Saturday. Instead, it was a small local run. After that unfortunate half marathon, I hadn´t competed at all, which is quite normal, really, because the body does need to rest. I hadn´t trained much either. This was the moment of truth. So I drove half an hour out of the city, to Raasiku, a small place where I also used to run when I still lived in Kehra.

Looking at the other contestants, I knew it from the start where I stood. I had one competitor. I did not know any other women and thus presumed that they might be slower than me. Maybe it is not polite to consider anyone that I don´t know slower than me but… in Estonia, I would usually be right. I was right this time, too, and finished second. Oh, and the winner had thought that I was in such a good shape that I would win. Heh, that evening I was not feeling that well. Mostly, I ran alone, fought with the wind and was even a bit slower than 2 years ago. However, in 2017 I had to make a real effort, whereas 2019 was a bit easier. Maybe if I had made some more effort, I would have even won. But I lagged behind. No spark in me.

The cutting board? Well, this year everyone (meaning the first 8 men and first 8 women, yes, they are generous!) received a large cutting board. As the 2nd woman, mine was quite big. I already have quite a few trophies at home. When we moved, we packed most of them into boxes and took them to the basement. There simply is no room for all that glory! Thus, a cutting board was truly refreshing. At least I can do something with it! Before, I didn´t even realise that I needed it. But I do. Because it´s huge and accommodates anything that I would like to cut, chop, dice, whatever. I love large surfaces in the kitchen!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

We don´t have a house yet. Nor do we have a huge kitchen. But at least now we have a gigantic cutting board for the future kitchen. Oh, and I went to the office. My office, the small business one, not the IT company. And I worked. On a Saturday. Continued proofreading a manuscript (not mine) and played with a new appointment scheduling app for our website.

Write AND publish a book.

What was I doing the entire day while waiting for the evening race? Not writing, obviously. More like sorting and washing my tights and lingerie + playing around with our company´s website.

Win a major race.

I finished 2nd. Yay? Yes, yay!

Photo of the Day

Isn´t she a beauty?

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