Day 668: Forget Coding, Write!

In the morning, I finished polishing the blog draft and sent it out to other people. Reactions? Well, they were thrilled. I was praised for my writing skills. They really like my style. It did take me a few hours and I did spend time improving the post, so I could be quite proud of myself. However, I also went tired of that kind of writing. “That kind” referring to non-fiction writing. My true passion lies in fiction. At least, that´s what I want to believe. Writing non-fiction comes easy for me but it´s not something I would love to do all the time. However, I have done quite a lot of this already. All these product guides and other articles for eBay? Yep, they were exactly that. I put my creativity into such writing but my soul is not in them. That´s not me. But people still seem to like all this. My technical supervisor even told me to forget about coding and write instead. But… this is the very vicious circle I am trying to break out of. I don´t want to abandon fiction because fiction is fun. I want to leave articles, etc. behind. I want to create pretty websites and web apps and write as a hobby. If I use up all my writing energy, creating stuff that I don´t particularly enjoy (i.e. that doesn´t make me feel powerful in a way fiction does), I won´t have any energy left to create these pieces that really matter to me. That´s why I haven´t written anything meaningful for a while now. No fiction. No new (fictional) beings brought to life. None. Should I abandon fiction? Maybe I really am great at writing but not the kind of writing that I love the most. After all, the people who read the post I wrote were quite over the moon with it.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Received my technical task (IT). It seems quite easy but I do need to learn some JQuery before I can finish it. I don´t simply want to finish it, I want to do something more and impress my supervisor. I will make this little thingy pretty, too, like a good front-end developer would!

Write AND publish a book.

After having received praise for one post, I continued with another. This one didn´t go so smoothly. However, I am quite certain they will love this one, too…

Win a major race.

An easy run, which wasn´t that easy after all. The weather too hot, my stomach still hurting. At least, I received a massage as well.

Photo of the Day

Because Mjauki is a cutie!

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