Day 669: How Do You Cope with the Pain?

If you are a woman, you probably understand what I am talking about. That excruciating pain that hits once a month. That damn period pain. If you are a man, you have no idea how much suffering it is! Some women actually stay in bed. I don´t, although sometimes it really seems like a great idea. On the 1st day, however, I spend more time in bed, lying down, than usual. But life goes on. Work awaits. Training awaits. And so I simply go and at least try to do something. The battle is lost before it has even started. I always know that on such days, the workout does not have its usual quality. But I simply go with it. I am happy if I can do something. Even if that something might at first seem small and insignificant. Each step of the way counts. Each workout counts. I do listen to my body and take it easier but I don´t skip my workouts. If necessary, I swap them instead. This is how I cope. I try to go on with my life but in a bit quieter way.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Internship again. Started writing a blog post that we agreed on during the video call. Oddly enough, I was the first person to turn up in the morning. Everyone else was not there when I arrived. Later, I also worked on my Javascript skills. All necessary for the future!

Write AND publish a book.

Oh, I did write but it was only a blog post draft. Something, at least.

Win a major race.

Running drills with the others. It was good to have them around, otherwise getting out of home would have been really hard. Pain, etc.

Photo of the Day

Feet up!

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