Day 670: Oh, a Video Meeting!

If you are like me, then you might have not had too many video calls in your life. A bit more than 4 years ago me and my husband founded our own company. Physiotherapy, massage + some translation on the side as this is my specialty. Due to the nature of the company, I obviously had no video calls, no meetings and not many people around either (besides my husband). I had already established my position for some remote work possibilities and thus didn´t really have to talk to other people. I was sitting in my corner, doing my thing. Now, I am trying to break out of this and enter the world to be part of something bigger. I felt suffocated in our own company, I needed to reach out!

When I got back from Finland on day 670, I rushed home to have a video meeting with a co-worker who is located in Pakistan. In fact, most of the employees of Mikaels are actually in Pakistan. The development team is all there. In Tallinn, we (as if I am already part of it!) only have the head office with the CEO, CTO, CFO… you know, the people who decide things, as well as the project manager. They are the people who meet the clients and find them suitable developers, whatever the task.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous and a bit excited about the video meeting. You might already know that I hate phone calls. Quite brave of me to go through a video call then! Actually, this is better, you can see the person, their reactions, etc. I had nothing to be afraid of either, the girl was really friendly. I might even get used to this kind of life. I have worked remotely for such a long time, so it is finally great to collaborate with people. Of course, as long as after the meeting I can go back to my corner and do my thing. I think, the perfect balance for me would be 20% of teamwork and 80% of individual effort. I am great on my own, I really am. But sometimes I need a helping hand as well.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Didn´t do much because of the headache I had but had a fruitful video meeting which set the tone for the upcoming weeks. I now have something to do. Not yet the technical task that I am eager to start but at least something! It will help me to learn more about the company, that is all I´m saying about my current task.

Write AND publish a book.

Didn´t write but toyed with the idea of writing something for the Amazon Kindle competition, the deadline of which is August 31. Why not, why the hell not? All I need is a good idea!

Win a major race.

Headache, fatigue, stupid PMS. I slept. Skipped the 1000-metre stadium race. Instead, spent an hour doing rubber band strength exercises. The functional stuff, you know.

Photo of the Day

Didn´t go to the office but that´s the view!

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