Day 671: Simulation Theory World Tour

June 18, the long awaited date. Why? Because of Muse, of course, and their Simulation Theory world tour! I have been a fan for more than 10 years already. Considering that the band has been active since 1994 (25 years), I would say it is quite decent. My first Muse concert was back in 2012 when they came to Tallinn. That was their only time in Estonia, unfortunately. Oh, wait, I am lying. My first Muse concert was in 2010 at the Positivus Festival in Latvia. I have also been to another Muse concert in Riga and once in Reading (Reading Festival) as well. This concert in Helsinki was my 5th then.

I have never been disappointed in Muse. How could I if they always deliver? Their show is out of this world kind of extraordinary. The visual effects, the sound, the odd thingies that appear on the stage, the dance crew… There is always something to expect! I remember huge zeppelins flying through the concert hall in Riga. I remember robot-like creatures walking around. I remember the inflatable Murph the Robot (most recent stuff, Helsinki). That freaking robot even has its own Instagram page!

Muse does not simply play their music. The entire concert is a well compiled performance, designated to impress. With their big video screens, the experience is certainly larger than life. Moreover, this time, they used these screens as walls, too, with the dancer´s team climbing up and down. Oh, I would really love to be part of the Muse dancers´ team! The visuals, the perfect sound, the professional attitude. Yes, they do not waste time on “oh, I can´t heaaaaar youuu, how are youuuuu” small talk. They come to the stage and play. After the last song, the stage lights went out and they left (after having waved goodbye). They didn´t return for an extra song. Nope. When the show is over, the show is over.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Spent a few hours in the office, doing some IT stuff. All in all, a quite quiet day but did learn some code. Huh, building a new career can be quite tough + never-ending.

Write AND publish a book.

I did not write. Haven´t done this for a while now. But I absorbed some of Muse´s awesome creativity.

Win a major race.

An easy run in the morning. Too hot already early in the morning! Quite tough!

Photo of the Day

The Murph

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