Day 672: Running Again

After a rather restful easy week, in terms of training, I started a new week with more than 1 hour of running. Moderate pace, aerobic threshold, so not the easiest run. This week was supposed to be a transition from complete rest (during which I did other things) to serious summer training. So, there I was in a Monday evening, running. It was warm, a bit too warm even, and I was slightly tired. But I did it. I eased myself back into training and it felt good. It is always great to train, especially when I am tired. Training wakes my body up and actually gives a signal that I am not as tired as I think. Training invigorates me, makes me feel alive. I truly cannot live without it!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Second week of IT internship began. Still on my own, but at least using that time wisely to go through some programming language tutorials. HTML and CSS complete and now trying to become friends with Javascript!

Write AND publish a book.

Oh noes.

Win a major race.

As you read above, I went for a run and survived.

Photo of the Day

Summer mode on for Mjauki

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