Day 673: Paljassaare, a Hidden Gem in Tallinn

Sunday, June 16, a splendid and warm day with no workout planned. But I wanted to get outside and move a bit, live an active life! Thus, after some long and slow hours inside (computer stuff and cleaning), we eventually went. I longed for a hike and hadn´t been to Paljassaare for a while. My husband had never been there, so it was the perfect time to introduce this almost hidden place to him. After all, it is right in the city but once you get to the far end of the nature reserve, it does not resemble the city at all. It feels like you are somewhere very far away. At least it did before. Especially in one morning when I went for a run there and everything was wrapped into thick fog.

If you remember our little winter trip to the Jägala waterfall, the same thing happened. Just when I thought that not so many people might have the same idea as I do, they actually did. The place was packed once again. We spent quite a few minutes, looking for a parking spot. The cars were parked on all the available spots as well as in such places were parking is actually prohibited. I think. I don´t know too much about parking, still learning and gaining experience. Finally, we parked a bit further away and walked to the beach. From the Pikakari beach, you can view the city. The skyline with the skyscrapers and churches. The song festival grounds. The yacht club in Pirita. The big boats passing by on their way to/from Finland or Sweden. This place gives a whole new perspective of Tallinn. The beach itself is sandy but you could go a bit further and sit on the grass if you hate sand. There is a small playground, a volleyball net, toilets, ice cream booth – everything you need. But we did not come for the beach. Walk away from the crowds and you shall find a quieter place, a nature reserve. There is even a large area that you are not allowed to enter in the summer months because birds are nesting. Instead, you could watch these birds from two towers that are on the route.

Compared to the last time when I visited the place, it has become more “civilised”, meaning wide boardwalks and information boards put up. Mostly, the trails are quite spacious. However, if you go to the tip of Suur-Paljassaare where some kind of naval fortress ruins lay, you will need to walk on a narrower trail. It is in that place that you might feel very far from the city. The entire route could be something like 5 kilometres. Quite enough for a Sunday walk.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Did study web development in the evening. Quite good for a Sunday, right?

Write AND publish a book.


Win a major race.

A hiking day. Ended up with 20,000 steps, which is quite decent. In the evening, did some strength exercises as well.

Photo of the Day

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