Day 674: I no Longer Believe in Flea Markets

My first attempt at selling my stuff at a flea market was quite a fail as you might remember. The first one was a really small local event. I contributed my fail mostly to the size of it and decided to give flea markets one more try. Participating in one of the major ones around Tallinn, such as the Telliskivi flea market, seemed like a great idea. So, I signed up almost a bit too late, ending up with the penultimate free spot. Almost missed it! It seemed as if the event was popular. Everyone wanted to sell there. That would create just the right atmosphere, I thought. Yes! The weather was perfect, a sunny Saturday. Just a small breeze (that eventually became a bit freezing in the shade). Perfect to get out of the house and go to a flea market. Why not?

People were gathering around the tables already before we had completely set up. The official start was at 10am but a random woman who passed by wanted to buy our money box (which definitely was not for sale!!) already around 9.35 while I was unpacking the very first items. I thought it was going to be massive if people were there already before the real start. Massive! But no. Not massive. Quite quiet, really. People did walk by, some bought a few items, but nothing massive. I´d thought we´d get rid of the books. Well, at least the Chinese medicine ones that are sold out at book stores and that are popular. But no one wanted them. Nor did anyone really want all the clothes we had there. Mostly, we managed to sell household items. I really am glad to be rid of those lamps and curtains but I would have liked to sell some more clothes!

In the end, we did earn a bit. Just a bit. A small profit. Better than nothing. We packed the rest and took a huge bag of clothes to a second hand store. Our living room is a bit more hospitable now but we still have way too much stuff in there. Possibly, I will try to sell the stuff on Facebook Market or maybe on a fancy pretty website called Yaga. We need more space => we need to have less things!

All in all, it seems that Estonians are not very big fans of flea markets. I did see a guy (while waiting for my wrap from the food truck) selling a kitchen utensil for EUR15 (a smart tool for making a special kind of cookies) which is quite massive for that market, but we didn’t manage to be as successful as he was. When I looked around, I did notice that people weren’t really buying. Those who actually were bargained a lot anyway and I don’t any seller went home with a huge profit. Do people prefer buying online nowadays?

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Sold some stuff at the flea market. More space, more money. But wasted a whole lot of time while doing so. Not really worth it.

Write AND publish a book.

Sold a few books. Didn’t read, didn’t write. When we got home, I was quite tired already.

Win a major race.

Slept a bit after we’d returned home, then went rollerblading. 11km. Wasn’t wearing the right socks, so got blisters on my feet. Yuck.

Photo of the Day

The stuff we tried to sell

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