Days 679-675: First Week of Internship

June 10. My very first day which started fairly late. And progressed almost painfully slowly. I kept telling myself that first days in new places quite often are like that: inconvenient, uncomfortable, painfully slow. After we´d made a plan for my internship, I waited. Waited for my key card. Waited for my computer. Waited for the day to end. It does feel odd if you only have your phone with you and there´s nothing to do. Moreover, online activities don´t last too long anyway. What did I do all those hours when I had to wait for things to happen, for other people to make them happen? Well, spent some quality time on Sololearn, focusing on coding exercises.

The rest of the week was much better. On Tuesday, I even had the rare moment when I was truly busy, with 3 people waiting for some kind of a translation from me. Wait, translation? What was all that fuss about quitting translation and getting into IT? We did agree that I would do some translations for them as well. That I´d do something that I am already good at. Luckily, all the translations are IT-related. Meeting memos, etc. I am yet to receive to my technical task, of which I am actually a bit afraid of. But that´s what I want to do, right? I kept reassuring myself by going through numerous coding exercises. I finished my HTML course. I began and finished a CSS course. I started with Javascript. Oddly enough, I was learning all the things that my teacher didn´t want to teach (back in the IT training process, that was). He kept telling us that he didn´t like Javascript and didn´t know anything about it. And every day I kept realising that I actually might need them! So, I kept learning… Meanwhile, I also drafted and wrote 2 blog posts about AI (artificial intelligence) because this is what Mikaels (my internship company) focuses on. It´s a fascinating subject and I do hope that one of the projects does get into the phase, in which I can do some AI training. Looking forward to it!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Changing my career, changing my life. Not really earning anything but paving the road for the future.

Write AND publish a book.

Kept wondering whether I should build a special website for my nutrition e-books, so they would sell better. Maybe. I do need to practice my web development skills anyway.

Win a major race.

A rest week. Did run, but only once. Focus on other sports. Cycling, bodypump, swimming, core exercises, gym.

Photo of the Week

IT joke

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