Day 680: Slow Sunday

Although a race day should be a celebration for a serious runner, I think I awaited that slow Sunday more. Considering how I failed that half-marathon on Saturday, it´s quite understandable that I would like to forget it as soon as possible. That slow Sunday after a hard race? After the spring season has ended? Splendid! Time to sleep. Time to wake up slowly. Time to go somewhere. As city dwellers again, we took an advantage of free public transport and went to see my mother + visited the Balti Jaam market where we ate some falafel wraps and bought pretty Polish strawberries. After the makeover, this really is the place to be. Especially if you like fresh produce. Or street food. Or are a hipster. This region has become a hipster paradise. As a child, I went to the market quite often because my father lived 5 minutes from it. Usually, I bought some stickers for my sticker albums. I had quite a collection! I still have them. Found them again when we moved. Leafed through them. Pure history!

I ended my slow Sunday with some strength exercises. An enjoyable day!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Met my mother and told her that we were probably not going to move back to Kehra, not building our house there. So… I guess we now have a piece of land that we don´t really need. Any takers?

Write AND publish a book.

Slow Sunday but not slow enough to focus on my writing. Did catch up with some blog posts though.

Win a major race.

The only workout was the strength and conditioning session in the evening. Otherwise… didn´t reach 10,000 steps.

Photo of the Day

Iced coffee!

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