Days 685-682: Time Off

Once the IT training was over, the internship didn’t start right away. I had some breathing space. To be precise, 4 working days + a weekend. Let’s talk about Tuesday to Friday which were pretty much the same and allow me to be somewhat lazy and group them into one post. I am still behind with my daily posts, although getting closer each day as I am producing more than one post each day. Huh, one day I will be on track again! Currently… 8 days behind. Grouping 4 days together will mean that soon I will be only 4 days behind.

Time off?

What does “time off” mean anyway? Does it mean I was chilling at home, staying in bed late, doing nothing. No, not really. I am still an entrepreneur, a small business owner. And what important date all companies need to adhere to? Yes, it’s June 30. The deadline for the annual financial report. Of course, you could do it already in January but who does that, right? Luckily, with experience I have managed to get thus far that I don’t leave it to the last minute. Oh, and the requirements have also become more lenient. Small businesses do not need to submit too many reports. Just the basic stuff. So, I was working on our accounts, checking everything, trying to make a sense of it. In a way, it is kind of exciting because it truly is like solving a puzzle. In the end, you will reach somewhere. You will have some numbers. But it is not the end either, unless your business goes bankrupt. The loop goes on and on. A new financial year starts. You continue creating invoices, reports, entries, etc.

I also visited a bit of my past by attending the spring party of literature students and tutors. University stuff. They were quite happy to see me, especially after I told them that I was in fact planning to write my MA thesis. They do need some time to digest the idea that I want to build a creative writing app as part of my thesis. IT meets literature and will do it in a fun way. I won’t be building an app that focuses only on Estonian literature. I want it to have a broader application. Oh, I could build other kinds of apps as well but only for a decent amount of money. Or for a lesser amount if I become rich in some other way and do not need to charge too much and can focus on things that don’t pay well but that I do care about.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Annual report is a crucial part in any company’s life and thus compiling one was important for ours to continue its life.

Write AND publish a book.

Started developing an idea of a creative writing app inside my head and also said it out loud. This way, it’s harder to escape it!

Win a major race.

Decent speedwork session on Tuesday, followed by several easy days because the half-marathon was coming up. Overall, in a good shape.

Photo of the Week

Time to chill out

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