Day 686: Final Day of Training!

Day 686, June 3, Monday – the very last day of training, more specifically, IT training. I haven´t given up on running. Not a chance! As it was the presentation day, I was up quite early, a bit tired from the Bon Jovi concert that happened the night before, but on the other hand alert and eager to finish the project we had been working on for the last couple of weeks. As the front-end girl in my group, I did have some things to finish before we could present. I´d hoped that I´d manage to create the required Canva designs during the weekend, but… moving, hardcore training (8x1000m, see previous post), a concert made it all but possible. There I was then on a Monday morning: up before 7am and frantically designing some banners and other pretty things for our web application. Once done, I felt as if being late already. I rushed to the IT training centre, which opens at 8.30am. At 8.40am on a presentation day, however, I was the first one to arrive. Wasn´t anyone else going to do some last-minute fixes? Was everything ready already? Or were they presenting a half-baked thing? Turned out I was a bit of an overachiever, although some projects were kind of pretty already. But not in all aspects. I am not saying that ours was fully polished but I made it as pretty as possible, inserting bits and pieces into it even just minutes before we went on stage, so to speak.

What happened next? When the first day was slow, the last day was even more so. We deleted our accounts from the computers, uploaded those projects to Gitlab that we considered more or less important (for future access), cleaned our desks. I left around 2pm… and fell asleep at home because fatigue came from nowhere. Ahead lay a week full of rest days before I would start my internship at an IT company. Huh, finally some time for myself!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Finished the IT training. A huge milestone on the road towards a new career.

Write AND publish a book.

Drop dead tired and beyond.

Win a major race.

A slow run in the park. Very hot even in the evening. Tough.

Photo of the Day

The gang.

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