Day 687: Choosing a Tenant

We wanted to rent out our apartment and move to the city. Luckily, we own an apartment in a small town where the demand is quite high. Once an apartment hits the market, there are quite a few hands up, willing to move in. For our 2-room apartment, we had 5 takers. I responded to 4 of them. The last one who contacted me seemed too odd and we already had more normal people lined up. Curiously enough, it was usually the men who demanded a phone number to talk about the apartment. Women wanted to write Facebook messages (I advertised the apartment in a Facebook group for the local community). To the men who tried to invade my privacy (remember that I am afraid of phone calls), I told that they´d need to arrange a time and see the apartment. We could talk then. Obviously, the guy was not interested enough, he didn´t turn up. However, 3 other potential tenants came. Of the three, we really liked two, so making the choice became a tiny bit easier for us. The one that didn´t click with us? Just too quiet, we didn´t get to know that person + the other person who would start living in the apartment didn´t come either. We do prefer to meet the people (minus children, if any are involved) before handing over our apartment. So we had to choose between two young families who were both good at communicating and thus a great match. We do want people who we can talk to if necessary. Well, if anything should happen with the apartment, etc. All the people who came by wanted our place. So it really was up to us to choose. The age bracket was the same, the people even knew one another. Quite normal for such a small place. Who did we choose? The couple with a small child and another one due in a few months because they are more likely to be quiet and not have parties in the apartment. I am aware that children can wreck the place but let us hope for the best, shall we?

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Showed our apartment to three potential tenants. Last steps on our moving out journey. Will this get us closer to that house dream? It does take us to the other town! And it does provide us some money that can pay the rent in the city. All in all, we should be even, not losing any money.

Write AND publish a book.

A long day of moving, packing, unpacking. No luck with writing. Oh, and a concert in the evening!

Win a major race.

Just an easy 60-minute run. Fine.

Photo of the Day

Bon Jovi concert, girl-time with my sister and niece.

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