Day 688: How a Pacemaker Can Make a Whole Lot of a Difference

When I say “pacemaker”, I do not refer to that small device that some people need to survive. Nope. I’m talking about the “rabbit”, that invaluable person who can make you run harder and faster. A pacemaker is someone who runs faster than you do, making sure that you reach your required pace. Mostly, the strongest runners use pacemakers to reach new heights. Even Roger Bannister had pacemakers when he crossed the magical four-minute line while running a mile. In addition, big events always have pacemakers. When I say “big events”, I’m referring to half-marathons and marathons. Haven’t seen any pacemakers for 10K distances, although they could be invaluable! Of course, everyone could have their personal pacemaker. Many women run with men who help them on the way. That someone who guides you through the race can be annoying at times but in the end they usually help. Why annoying? Well, usually pacemakers are faster runners. When you are having a really hard moment but they seem at ease, it’s quite frustrating! Then you simply want to get rid of them!

On day 688, Saturday, the very first day of June, I used my personal pacemaker while running 8x1000m. My husband accompanied me on a bicycle. Well, for him that pace could have been easily achievable on foot as well but currently he is not running because of an injury. I knew the workout was going to be hard. Hot weather and all that bullshit. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted him there. Just 2 weeks ago I had failed at a similar workout. I knew I would have hard time. I knew he would annoy me. But maybe he could be helpful too? After the first 1000-metre speedwork session, which actually went well and fit into the required time range of 4.00 min, I was already fed up with him and told him that I wouldn’t last. I said the same thing a few minutes later after I’d finished my 2nd sprint. It was so hard. But he told me to keep going, to keep following the bike. Oh, well. I did. 8x1000m, some of them even around 3.56 min/km. I surprised myself. After each speedwork session, I was almost dying. I had to take a sip of water, which he luckily provided. I had to stand for a while. I even felt dizzy because my blood pressure dropped so suddenly. But I did it! Without him, the workout would have gone to waste again but he made me go through it. Even when I really didn’t want to. Sometimes it is crucial to have someone who forces you to continue! Get yourself your own pacemaker, preferably with a bottle of water in hand!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

It was a busy Saturday with a burlesque performance happening in the evening, so I had no time to earn any money.

Write AND publish a book.

Hell, no.

Win a major race.

That went well! 8x1000m at 4.00 min/km or faster.

Photo of the Day

Evening show.

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