Days 693-689: Front End Girl

Was it me who said that there would be no more summarised posts? No more squeezing a whole week into one post? I don’t remember promising that. Even if I did remember, it would be impossible to do so. Well, it would be possible but I’d never reach the present day. Every day I don’t write means one more day that needs to be written about. One more day piled up in an endless stack. I want to get out of that rubble, shake the remnants of past off and dive head first into the present and the future. So let this post be yet another summarising post. After all, I’m more than 10 days behind with my writing. And I really can’t remember what each individual day held in store for me. However, I do know that these days – Monday to Friday – were rather similar.

It was the last week in the IT training class. We were about to pull our heavy web application ship to the shore. Finally. One last week and then a presentation on Monday. By the end of the course, I had found out what I really like in web development. What makes me excited. What makes me dig deeper. What makes me want to learn. It’s front end. The client-side. The pretty things. I don’t actually understand everything going on behind the user interface, behind the scenes, in the back end world, in which databases and complex structures live. I like things that I can see. The abstract back end? Oh, no thanks. Oddly enough, I spent two days doing some back end stuff. I wanted our web application to have a certain functionality but I could only get it if I tried and built it myself. Any luck? Well, I spent a large number of brain cells, got somewhere, but then hit a wall. Some things were simply not working. I would have been happy presenting an unfinished thing, painting a picture of what it could become one day. But the others didn’t agree. As I didn’t finish it, I had to scrap the work of two days. Oh, bother. All the time I could have spent on doing some pretty front end stuff. Because I really like it!

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

An entire week full of IT training. New career waiting for me quite soon.

Write AND publish a book.

No writing. Some proofreading. And reading about Ewan McGregor’s African adventures.

Win a major race.

Continuous training. Some hard and some very hard training in preparation of the half marathon. Survived.

Photo of the Week

Some strength training as well!

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