Day 694: Even a Lone Wolf Needs Her Pack

Day 694, Sunday, May 26. The day when I was finally supposed to renew my 10K PB. Oh, I did renew it a few weeks ago in Kuressaare where I improved my PB by… 2 seconds. I was angry at the wind that I had to cope with on May 4 and was thus hoping for a better result in Rapla. The weather in Rapla was kind of good for running. Except for the wind. Again. I knew I had to find one or two strong backs to run behind on the windier parts. When I was halfway through the race, a friend came from the back. I didn’t want to lose him from sight, so I followed him. Together, we passed quite a few runners. I hoped I’d manage to stick to that pace until the end. I knew I was going to finish with a new PB. The question was: how many seconds? Around the 6th kilometre, we also passed two guys who had started too fast. These two are about as fast as I am, my pacemaker buddies. We trained together in the winter, at the indoor arena. I already thought in the beginning that they might not last until the end if they go at it so fast. They almost didn’t. One of them lagged behind and the other conquered me a bit before the finish line and got a few seconds better result than me. What happened to me? Well, the end was hard. We turned right and met the wind again. My pacemaker told me to keep following him but I couldn’t. I wasn’t in my best shape, it wasn’t my best day. PMS and what else. I was 11th, almost 10th. The first 10 collect points in the race series. Damn. Lost my points.

What did I learn from that race? Although I consider myself a lone wolf who likes to run alone, I actually benefit from running with other people. I much faster this way! It is hard, it will always be hard but only this way can I become faster and finally break the 40-minute barrier. I finished with 41:15, nothing special. A new PB, nevertheless.

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Continued the endless moving process. Emptying our apartment was an important step, so we could rent it out.

Write AND publish a book.


Win a major race.

Didn’t win. 11th place. A new PB. Fair enough. But not quite happy. I want more! Can’t wait for another 10K race.

Photo of the Day

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