Day 695: The Endless Moving

Have you ever moved? Apparently, I tend to move every 2 years or so. Even now when we have our own apartment, we needed to move. I simply wasn’t happy there anymore. It wasn’t because of the apartment itself, I really loved it. We did renovate it ourselves and painted it in vibrant colours of our own choosing. But the location seemed far from ideal and even more so with each day I stayed in there. Due to changes in my work life, I shall need to travel even further into the centre of Tallinn and this really is more convenient if I actually live in the city, not 40 km away…

I did get excited about decorating and setting up the new place. I love new things. I love rearranging furniture. I love going through my stuff and getting rid of the excess. But only to a certain extent. Day 695, a Saturday, our third week of moving and still no end in sight. Oh, well, almost. The rooms were becoming emptier and emptier and our cellar was becoming more fuller. The same stood true for our new place, which is smaller than the apartment we own. It was getting full of things. Full of our life. And I kept wondering: how can we have all these things? Do we really need them? What is this funny thingy anyway? Where did I get it? How should I use it? Should I throw it away? Oh, I had so many questions when sorting the stuff! Still, I couldn’t throw too much stuff away. I guess, it requires some more time. Once I will go through all of this again, I will be able to throw more things away. Well, maybe not “throw away” but recycle and find them a new home, etc. Life would be so much easier with less things. How many of them do you use on a daily basis anyway?

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Spent the day moving the house. From one apartment to another. A house? Not in sight. Not now. Let’s talk about this again a bit later when I have a fancy IT-job.

Write AND publish a book.

Drop dead tired after the whole moving and packing business. No luck at the writing front.

Win a major race.

Warm-up run for the race. Heavy rain. So-so.

Photo of the Day

After all that moving business, I went to a dance studio and performed with two other girls. Oh, what fun!

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