Day 696: When It Rains Hard

Usually, I’m not afraid of the rain. It doesn’t do much to a runner, especially on a warm day. I still go for a run. I’m not made of sugar, I don’t melt in the rain. Might as well go outside and just run. But day 696 was a bit different. The rain surprising, heavy. The weather a bit too chilly for the rain to be embraced. But when you have a place to go (IT training in my case) and a meeting time to stick to, you simply have to do it. Eventually. I did wait for the rain to stop. I found the perfect spot for a 45-minute jog. Well, almost perfect. It was getting kind of late and I ended up being late for about 10 minutes. Was it worth it? Definitely! The fresh air, the empty park, the nice tingling in my muscles! Yes! Another good thing the rain did was washing my car. It really was covered with pollen! At least, when we drove to a birthday party in the evening, the car looked fine (although we parked so far that no other guests saw the car).

Progress Report

Own and live in a house.

Continued the IT training, or, to be more precise, building our own web app, which was our course project. Preparing myself for a whole new career. Visited a friend for her birthday and told some people about our new (temporary) home. Rethought the house plans a bit. When you discuss it with other people, it helps to clear the thoughts!

Write AND publish a book.

Who has time to write with all this going on? Didn’t even have any time to read!

Win a major race.

An easy run in the morning in preparation of a race, coming up two days later. Fine.

Photo of the Day

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