Day 698: Can You Smell the Rubber?

The big Kalev stadium where the dance festival shall soon be held. Chairs still wrapped in transparent plastic. The track itself? Covered with new rubber, all soft and springy, just waiting for the runners, jumpers, dancers. Last year, that stadium was in a really derelict state. Awful. My feet always hurt after a workout there. It was like running on concrete, the rubber had worn thin. This year, the dance festival is happening again (every 4-5 years) and they want to celebrate it big. It is a big event after all. Hundreds of dancers spread out on the grass and the track. I was there once. Back in 2004. First, we practiced the entire winter, made it to the dance festival (not all groups are selected), and then spent a full tiresome week on another stadium and a few days on this very stadium. The groups are usually spread out onto other, smaller stadiums. They come together only in the end to practice the placement. There are numbers on the ground and you need to stick to the right place at the right time. Otherwise, the beautiful patterns, best visible from above (last row, etc.) do not emerge.

Anyhow, day 698 saw me running on the newly laid rubber. I haven’t been to the stadium much lately. Only when racing. I don’t know how pleasant is 7×300 m +2x200m speedwork but it is definitely more pleasant if the rubber is soft, not worn out. Like a friend said: when you go to the bed in the evening and your legs are cramping and your hair smells of rubber, this is happiness. This means that you have really made the effort!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Important day in changing my career path because I continued the IT course. Not much left anymore!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Still reading Long Way Down. And also reading a cyclist’s handbook because I’m proofreading it.

3. Win a major race.

Stadium workout. Speedwork. The hard, but oh so important, stuff! I’m glad I could run with the other girls and almost keep up with them.

Photo of the Day

Mmm, fresh rubber!

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