Day 699: Hello, president!

Early evening on a hot spring day. So hot, it might be confused to be summer. Oddly enough, sometimes the summer in Estonia does come in May. For a few days or a few weeks. And then it leaves again for the entire June and we see only rain and clouds for 30 days. After that, we might get a bit more summer. Maybe a day in July, maybe the entire month. You never know. Anyhow, that Tuesday was particularly hot. Pleasant for the majority of population, but not really a runner’s weather. I was quite relieved that I had just an easy 45-minute run planned.

My feet took me to the Kadriorg Park. I kept to these roads that had less tourists and other people walking on them. After all, this park is a really pleasant place to be. What with all the swan lakes, a small café, palace, art museums, fancy gardens, children’s playground, and, of course, loads of grass to sit on. I wasn’t obviously the only one to enjoy the early hours of the evening and celebrating the day with some sweating. Suddenly, I saw three people running towards me. I couldn’t recognise them at first. This was not simply because I didn’t have my glasses on (I rarely do anyhow). I didn’t know them. Oh, but I did! When they approached me, I realised it was the president, as in “the president of the Republic of Estonia”, and her bodyguards. Did I mention that the presidential palace is also located in that very park? She doesn’t really live there as she chose to remain in her own home but obviously she goes to the palace. And then goes for a run from there. I’m so happy that we have an active president. You don’t see her winning races but she does make the effort to find time to work out. If she can do it, then what’s your excuse? This is the beauty of a small country: you can meet the president while running and wave to Olympic athletes who casually come to your workplace (they visit my husband who’s a physiotherapist).

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Started my day doing a bit of work and then went on with the IT training, i.e. changing my career path. If this does not bring me a house, then nothing will.

2. Write AND publish a book.

No writing, just a bit of reading. Ewan Mcgregor’s African adventures from Long Way Down.

3. Win a major race.

An easy run in the park. Fine.

Photo of the Day

Can you see the big shopping centre from behind the trees? It’s so close to us!

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