Day 700: Maintenance Mode

Recently, I have felt that I exist in a some kind of maintenance mode. I do not undertake too many new things. I even ignore some of the old stuff, if possible. I only do things that are completely necessary, that I simply cannot escape. Or the ones that I don’t want to escape. I sleep. A lot. I train. I race. I go to my dance (burlesque) classes. I participate in the IT training. I work, but only a little. I delete many emails without even reading them. I say “no” to many things. When I do say “yes”, it has been weighed carefully. I might not put my 100% into everything I do. I put as much as I can spare. I do this to stay alive. To come out of this extremely busy period. What else could I have expected when I decided to completely change my career and also move the house at the same time? All this during an intense training period when the weather has also become quite hot and not really runner-friendly. But I will survive if I keep to my maintenance mode.

Sometimes, when things start getting out of hand, it might be best to put some of them on hold. Once you get yourself together again, you can kick up the pace. But if you fall into a deep hole, getting out of it could be a real horror. Slow down a bit and do it right now! It’s the same as in running: if you push your training too hard, you could end up with an injury. Coming out of the injury could take longer than slowing down would have. If your world doesn’t collapse because you don’t do one or two small things, you might as well not do them if you need to.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Another week of IT training started. Alongside with heavy learning, I also started proofreading one book. It’s for a client. I do need to work a little if I want to survive. Compared to the IT stuff we do (try to do), translating/editing tasks are a breeze!

2. Write AND publish a book.

We put together our bookshelf in the new apartment and thus also had a good look at the books we own. Decided to start reading Long Way Down, Ewan McGregor’s motorbike adventures all the way from Scotland to the Southern tip of Africa. I had bought it for no obvious reason and I had been wanting to get rid of it… But now decided to first read that damn book! It’s actually better than it seems.

3. Win a major race.

This week was supposed to be an easy one and finish with a cherry on top: a 10K race on Sunday. I’ve been quite tired recently, so me and my trainer decided to take it really easy and save energy for the big day. Didn’t run at all this Monday.

Photo of the Day

A typical morning moment. The sun shines through the windows only in the morning and Miu takes an advantage of this.

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