Days 707-701: Big City Life

I said I am tired of the city but I cannot live without it. My whole life revolves around it.

My running, my friends, my job, my studies, my favourite trails, the huge supermarkets (I’m a sucker for shopping for food), my dance classes…

If you can’t live without it, then stop fighting it. Driving back and forth every single day only wears you out. It shows how addicted you are, you keep coming back for more. Better surrender, move back. Relocate. Reshape your life. Destroy a pattern, build a new one. Yet another. Why not, why the hell not? Still young. Still unattached. Still able to start anew.

Let’s do it.

A week full of moving, moving, driving, packing, unpacking, throwing useless nonsense away, designing a new apartment, trying to fit into a smaller space with all that stuff. Where did it come from?

A new life lays ahead. With this post, I’m back on track. Almost.

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

Not really sure how moving back to the city contributed to our house plans. Hmmm. We will be renting our own apartment out and due to significantly cutting our transportation costs, we will even be able to save more… However, we’re no longer sure if we want to build the house on that plot of land. Let’s see what life has to offer us!

2. Write AND publish a book.

Didn’t write bu resubmitted a story for a contest because they had issues with my file format. Oh, and thanks to moving I went through some stuff I had written earlier, found some interesting things.

3. Win a major race.

Continued training, ran my first ever 1500 metres on the track. 5.35, not the best result but I was exhausted from the day. Felt tired on other days as well, ended the week with some awful/unsuccessful runs, which were only good because I finished them.

Photo of the Week

Jägala waterfall. After a long day of moving, went for a visit.

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