Days 710-708 – Training Camp in Estonia

I’m not sure I could call that weekend a proper training camp but this is just what my running club called it. For sure, for those who went there already on Friday morning and left on Sunday, in the afternoon, it truly was a camp. Us? Well, we left Tallinn around 5pm on Friday and escaped the camp early on Sunday because my husband had to attend a funeral (former coach) and we also had to start our massive house moving project. Yep, we signed a rental agreement and are now back in the city. Forget about those posts, in which I said I wouldn’t be going back to the city. Forget. I can’t live without the city, my life revolves around it.

The Estonian training camp was of course not the same as two weeks in Portugal. You can’t really get the same feeling in only a few days. Yes, some people did train twice a day. Even I did, in a way. The first workout was an uphill run and the second a strength exercises workout which once again ended up as an acroyoga class. Nevertheless, the weekend was fun. Runners, runners everywhere! It was great to talk about running, talk about life, spend time with friends, and play a board game that revolves around knowing stuff about Europe.

The weather in the camp was quite rainy and thus the uphill training was really hard. In the end, I was all soggy and fed up. Running up the hill is never easy and the dampness that seeped deep into my bones made it even worse. I did enjoy the strength workout in the evening! My husband tested some of his ideas on us and it was quite fun. Talking about weather… we had to stay inside most of the time. The place itself is far from Tallinn, in South Estonia, amidst forests. A nice place to be? Yes if the weather is nice! Still, I can’t really understand why I club that operates in Tallinn, chose to buy such a distant resort. Why not something more nearby? Oh, well.

Overall, I think such weekend training camps are crucial for team building, for creating the right spirit. It was definitely greatly helped by the fact that the new team T-shirts arrived. Their price was almost non-existent, so everybody grabbed one. Not the best T-shirts for a hot weather but nevertheless pretty ones. Light blue!

Progress Report

1. Own and live in a house.

A weekend away. No work done. And the house? Well, we started our moving process into a bit tinier apartment than the one we already own. Will be renting out our own apartment soon.

2. Write AND publish a book.

Nope. Not this weekend.

3. Win a major race.

The workouts in the camp were hard ones. Not my best performance. But maybe I needed them after all. Sometimes, you do need to do the hard stuff just to train your mind.

Photo of the Weekend

Hold the chair, everyone!

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